"After 15 years in the marketing game, I've seen trends, strategies and platforms change rapidly. The two constants that stand strong; brand and website."

Leigh Heywood

Queen of websites

Why I made the move to focus on websites..

Running a digital agency you have the advantage of seeing trends and habits, good and bad. Time and time again I was seeing businesses, big and small, spend money on advertising without enough consideration for their website.

When I founded Face Advertising in 2012, it only took a few months before 70% of our work became websites. Clients would often start by wanting an advertising campaign and after reviewing their site I would advise they need to get their foundations right first.

Enter 2020, the year COVID-19 took the world by storm. So many businesses have taken a massive hit, however the time and space has also allowed for reflection and many business owners have taken the opportunity to re-landscape their operations, as have I.

So after 8 years of running a full service agency, I decided to Marie Kondo my professional life and offer only websites and complimentary services.

“By focusing on websites it means I can harness a skill and provide a more personalised service, at an exceptional standard”.







Who is the & Co?

leigh &


A large proportion of my work is consulting to design and digital agencies. This work is interesting and rewarding because it means I get to collaborate with a broad range of talented designers and developers.

Clients are also varied and often at national / enterprise level, which allows me to dip my toes in the corporate world… without the politics and endless meetings!

I want to find out more about this consulting business


Leigh&Co. can not exist without my incredible team of designers and developers.

We are like-minded folk that care about our clients, are passionate about our work and providing a premium result. We like to laugh in meetings, have fun on the job and our GIF game is strong.

We all work remotely which means Zoom meetings and lots of time on the phone. This suits our lifestyle and means we can keep prices affordable by not having to pay for huge office rent and overheads.

check out our projects for some examples of awesome teamwork