Why your logo is more than just a pretty design.

Whether companies realise it or not, logo design is a very personal reflection as to what a business is all about. It’s also the one piece of branding that will consistently be presented to clients from all walks of life, so it needs to last the test of time. Brands should expect at least ten years out of a logo design, and then consider a “refresh” as opposed to a “redo” further down the line - but why is it such a big deal?

First Impressions Count - Your choice of logo design will speak far more about your brand or business than you ever could. First impressions also double as the last impression, so this is your shot to form a relationship with potential clients within your niche almost immediately.

Capture The Right Attention - If your logo design is distinctive enough, you can create your own customer community. If we look at the world’s biggest traders, Steve Jobs deployed one simple apple as a means to market his products to millions of people worldwide.

Tell Your Brand’s Story - When it comes to your choice of colours, use of space and even shapes can subconsciously dictate what your brand or business is all about to both new and existing customers, so pay careful attention to the brand story that you’re trying to tell.

One Up Your Rivals - Ultimately, consumers expect a brand to have a logo - but not just any logo. It should be to the point, clean and reflect your professionalism. If it’s not, you risk them turning to the competition - but this is also your chance to outshine your rivals too.

Be 110% happy with your logo. Saving a few hundreds dollars now could cost you thousands later when you have to update all marketing materials, signage and internal docs. Not to mention the brand equity you will lose if you chose a complete redo.

Tips On Selecting The Right Logo Design

Would you attempt to build an entire house from scratch by yourself without the assistance of qualified trade professionals? Probably not. When it comes to tackling the branding of your new or existing business, the same logic should also be applied.

Graphic designers are quite literally visual communicators by trade. It’s their job to interpret every little curve, hue, and design element in order to craft graphics for published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising, and - you guessed it - logo design.

Your logo should be crafted and finalised before you start any website design, as your company’s branding should ideally all flow with the same theme - but where do you source help with this?

  • Avoid DIY online services, as there is a good chance that your logo will not be unique, or a true reflection of your brand or business.
  • Start by sourcing an experienced designer, one with years of experience and able to show you an extensive portfolio.
  • Ensure you provide your designer of choice with a thorough brief, including your ideal target market, and general scope of what you’re all about as a business i.e. personality, tone of voice, philosophy and brand story.
  • Make sure that you’re 110% happy with the designer’s work before you give it the green light. Even if you have the smallest amendment or niggle of doubt, ensure that you listen to your gut and voice your concerns - as a brand owner, this is your story too.

Where To Source Guidance With Logo Design And Branding

Logo design is the virtual face of your brand, and your opportunity to make a memorable impact with both new and existing audiences. While you may be a guru within your industry or field, it’s unlikely that you have the time, energy, resources or experience to navigate digital design yourself - and that’s okay, we can help!